Business continuity management

Need ISO compliance?

We have helped our clients implement business continuity compliant with ISO 22301 standards.

Reduce impact on business

Rely on impact analysis. Knowing what you could face, you can begin to take steps to prevent or mitigate the risk and anticipate costs.

Keep employees safe

Employees are the company’s most important asset. Let us tailor your procedures to keep them safe and include facilities and locations, review and test them regularly.

Risk addressed?

A risk management consultant helps organizations identify, analyze and evaluate weaknesses in their information systems.

Continuity of operation

Don`t let the business stop when an incident occurs. Make sure your ICT solution covers mission-critical services.

Know how to respond

In an emergency, people shouldn’t have to wonder who’s in charge but rely on the defined procedure regardless of their company size.

Anyone operating in the worldwide market, whether as a business or government institution, knows that crises will happen. How effectively you withstand the storm reflects the effectiveness of your policies, strategies, and training.

Infomaas professionals will provide training and develop a business continuity management system tailored to your company’s needs. The scope of the business continuity plan is likely to cover a broad range of topics and activities, focusing on the availability, continuity and recovery of critical business elements: business functions, processes and services.

In addition, we can support your efforts in developing disaster recovery solutions ranging from simple backup solutions to high-availability data-center infrastructure implementation.

Infomaas business continuity consulting services include asset identification and categorization, risk assessment, impact scenarios, crisis management and delivery of a complete continuity plan with test scenarios.

Business Impact Analysis

  • Critical business activities
  • RTO & RPO
  • TRA
  • Impact scenarios

Recovery strategies

  • Incident response plan
  • Communication protocol
  • Crisis communications strategy
  • Technical disaster recovery solution

Business continuity plan

  • Educate people on safety procedures
  • Testing plan
  • Recovery plan