Grow with care…

Personal growth

Every Infomaas employee can have continuous education because the company values its workers’ everyday development and advancement. Every business success we have done has been made possible by our employees.

Equal opportunity

All our employees will be given equal opportunities to advance regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. We want to recognize and reward success so that we can grow together.

Physical health

Employees experience health issues but are reluctant to acknowledge them to others out of concern that they will be replaced. To assist you and your family in taking care of yourself, we offer health screenings to our team members.

Your professional choice should be essential to you since it will shape your life.

Here at Infomaas, we provide you with the chance to demonstrate your talents, interest, and we will listen carefully and challenge your opinion and ways of working. We like when we are proved wrong based on facts and knowledge as we admit our mistakes and fix them.

Look for vacant employment that fits your abilities, desires, and areas of interest. We are looking for passionate, curious, and creative team members eager to learn.

What is Infomaas?

Infomaas is a Croatian company for managing information systems with a mission to provide a one-stop shop to handle all your business information technology needs.

How can I prepare for a job interview?

You don’t have to prepare anything specific. Come to our office and chat about your previous work experience and desires.

Are there career opportunities?

In short – yes! We are growing with our new colleagues. Here at Infomaas, we think that hard and smart work leads to success, and if you see yourself in this way, you are welcome to join us.

Diversity and Inclusion at Infomaas

We firmly believe that a diverse and welcoming workplace produces superior goods and services for our clients. As our workforce expands and our business grows, the ability to see things from multiple perspectives becomes essential. Diversity is one of the most important factors in ensuring our development and workforce. We want to attract, retain and develop the best employees worldwide because diversity and individual participation in the business process are important components of our company culture and promote business and social success. We deal with diversity and inclusion in every business process through clear, defined, and measurable strategies; each of the strategies aligns with the priorities of the executive directors and senior management of Infomaas.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy

Discrimination won’t be tolerated in the Infomaas’s office. The other employees in our workplace will treat everyone with respect and dignity. It is the duty of every one of our employees to be able to carry out their obligations under the law on equal employment opportunities. We do not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the grounds of identity or expression, genetic information, age, skin color, family or medical leave, marital status, health status, citizenship, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, race, religion, gender (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, or any other characteristic covered by applicable laws, regulations, or ordinances. All parts of the business are governed by the concepts mentioned above. These include social and recreational activities, hiring, education, pay, promotions, and perks. Our company’s policy is to ensure that all employees, regardless of their group, have the opportunity for ongoing progress. We also make reasonable accommodations for eligible employees with disabilities to the degree allowed by the laws, rules, and bylaws that are in effect where the person in question works.

Life at Infomaas

What is the difference between Infomaas and any other company?

Here, in Infomaas, you will get an individual approach and mentor that will guide you and allow you to achieve personal and company goals.

How can I join Infomaas?

Just send us an open application on, and we will provide feedback on your application request.

What is the salary in Infomaas?

Salary in Infomaas varies on many factors. We like to think we have a competitive package for our employees. If you follow our paste and contribute to the company’s success, we will support you with increased income and additional perks. The most important thing to us is that you are willing to acquire new knowledge and have no fear of the unknown.

Is there a dress code?

What matters to us is that you’re comfortable with your clothes.

In short, there is no dress code.

What language do you speak?

We are using Croatian, but we are fluent in English. So you don’t have to understand or speak Croatian; we are here to adjust to you.