Product engineering

Excellence in product management

Using our comprehensive framework that ensures your company is maximizing the value they get out of a product throughout the entire product life-cycle.

Drive product success

Use our polished process for innovating, designing, developing, testing, and deploying a software product.

Cross-functional collaboration

You need cross-functional teams and good employee skill sets to build a good product. We know the secret ingredients to deliver highly successful cross-functional teams.

Organizations nowadays are constantly changing across all industries. Never before have consumer expectations been higher. Never before have products been so innovative. The lifespan of a product has never been shorter. The requirements for business are changing just as quickly as technology. Accelerating time to market and time to profit is essential for success as companies attempt to solve problems in the face of changing market conditions and rising technology trends.

Our product engineers will analyze your ideas and the key requirements, work directly with your team to define technology stack and architecture. We serve as an end-to-end partner in software product engineering and manage several facets of the product life-cycle, including ideation and design, prototyping, complete product development, and scaling.

We enable businesses to turn their ideas into digital products and make them ready for the market. Our clients always have a comprehensive understanding of the process and participate in all significant project-related decisions.

Since our relationship constantly strives for long-term sustainability, our support continues even after the product development life-cycle is complete.


Products typically become outdated during time. In the case of embedded systems, this is especially true. Planning for component obsolescence is important because it can negatively impact system production when components are unavailable. We assist our clients in overcoming obstacles like component obsolescence so that their goods and solutions can be more effective. To create effective goods and solutions with longer product life-cycles, we also assist enterprises in re-architecting their existing products and solutions utilizing modern technology. When re-engineering, Infomaas prioritizes flexibility and scalability as important design goals.

At Infomaas, we care about customer service, product maintenance, and sustainable products and solutions. We assume full responsibility for delivering fixes and regular patch releases for its products/solutions, along with minor improvements. We also established multi-tiered support organizations to communicate with our clients and serve all regions.

We can also significantly improve the product or solution on our own or with our client’s technical teams, extending the product’s life.

Product team helps with:

  • Product roadmap; think of it like a plan that is a source of truth for all included parties, like development teams, sales, executives and the other included parties.
  • Product manager; hire someone who will shape the product and vision, articulate the definition of DONE for a product, and allow teams to turn that vision into a reality.
  • Requirements; define all that is needed for successful product creation.
  • Prioritization; keep development teams under control by prioritizing without losing the view of the big picture.
  • POC; Start with proof of concept to get faster delivery and needed feedback and save time and resources on more extended development.
  • MVP; With Minimum Viable Product, get to market faster and check market feedback. Companies can then adjust strategies, do analyses and feature lists, or even ditch product development if it’s not a good fit on the market.

Looking for a trustworthy product engineering company?

Infomaas is a product engineering company that has helped startups and enterprises develop great products, experiences, and solutions from beginning-to-end software product delivery. We have unmatched product engineering consulting expertise in technology and a mix of industry experience ranging from banking solutions to IoT.