Server application development

Latest Technology

We provide high-quality back-end development services by utilizing various cutting-edge and tried-and-true technologies.


Our team provides growth-adaptive systems that operate smoothly and effectively. Scale your systems without compromising performance in response to changing needs.

End-to-end security

Our back-end engineers adhere to the most recent security standards to protect your data and software. Data is safely transferred between system components via all back-end software.

In the case of website development, many non-specialists and non-tech persons need to be aware of front-end/back-end and API interfaces. Back-end development refers to server-side development and primarily focuses on how a mobile or web application works. Anything you can’t easily see with your eyes while visiting a website is the work of a back-end developer.

Do you have a unique application idea that has the potential to upend any specific application market sector? With top-notch, cutting-edge backend engineering, we can assist your new business in perfecting and launching your first applications.

Companies seeking help with server technology can turn to Infomaas for expert services. Although we specialize in server application development, we offer a wide range of services throughout the entire software development life cycle. By planning, integrating, and delivering server applications for our clients on schedule and within budget, we aim to achieve maximum satisfaction and establish ourselves as a leader in technology consulting.

We have our own standards and principles for projects that use object-oriented analysis and design. As a result, we can design, migrate, and maintain enterprise-wide applications for businesses in a distributed and mixed environment. In addition, for the conversion or coexistence of legacy systems and server computing, we have the technological know-how and necessary experience.

We can help if you have a front-end development team on staff that needs help with back-end development. We will collaborate with your development team to provide the necessary features for integration.

Unleash your true potential, take use of new technology, and build applications with us.

We can provide a refined standard of backend engineering using PHP, Node.js, C, and C++. As a result, we can match clients with specific development resources based on their compatibility with various technologies.

We cover

  • Back-end mobile applications development; Our team has helped companies create great mobile back-end applications that run on various platforms and devices. Using the most recent technological developments, we develop fault-tolerant back-ends for native and cross-platform applications.
  • Cloud back-end Solutions; To support your cloud infrastructure, we offer back-end development services. Our back-end systems can scale up and down and manage huge loads without experiencing lag. To provide cutting-edge products to the customer, we also implement advanced functionality.
  • Web applications; Use our back-end web development services to ensure a seamless and high-performance website. Our team of web developers will offer high-load performance systems with improved stability, regardless of whether it’s a large-scale system, web portal, or IoT infrastructure.
  • Custom development; Looking for a back-end business to implement your business idea? For a custom back-end infrastructure, get in touch with us. Your back-ends can be quickly upgraded, improved, or moved.
  • API development and integration; We can provide a unique API to enhance your current software or link it to outside services. Integrate your interface quickly and seamlessly with other business systems, devices, and applications.

What our process involves

  • ✓ Forming a general idea for your back-end
  • ✓ Creating the structure and logic of a website’s backend
  • ✓  Working on server-side software, which focuses on everything customers can’t see
  • ✓ Analyzing requirements and designing a database or data model
  • ✓ Connecting your front-end and back-end into one system