Software development

Driven by business needs, not by technology trends

Agile partner

Our objective is to provide a software solution using agile methodologies for faster delivery while continuously testing and iterating on input from stakeholders.

Digital products

Overwhelmed with technology stack options and features requests for your new product. With our modular approach, we will help you minimize the cost and provide a clear road-map for development teams.

Multi-platform support

Skilled in developing solutions that have the same functionality and user experience regardless of platform types like Linux, Microsoft, Android or Apple by using our back-end solutions.

We assist our clients in developing high-performing software solutions, enabling customers to create innovative products with shorter release cycles and lower costs. Whether you want to develop a multi-platform solution, create new digital products or develop a specific segment of your existing solution we are here to enable your digital transformation initiatives.

Our software engineering practice includes engineering leaders, IT architects, and other technology specialists who work together to assist our clients in developing world-class products and software solutions. In addition, we provide assistance and guidance on solution requirements and system architecture while continuously investing in knowledge to support your implementation in increasingly complicated technological environments.

Every client’s issue is unique. On the other hand, the procedure for discovering a solution is the same.

  • We identify your business problems and their scope.
  • Depending on the domain, implement a well-known framework for client demands to make an educated selection.
  • Assist stakeholders in finding common ground and achieving agreement on a solution that is best for your company.

Our mission is to help customers across industries create software and digital products aligned with the company’s technical capacity and business requirements, fulfilling customers’ goals and expectations.

Product engineering

At Infomaas, we handle every technical aspect of your product development, from planning to deployment. As a result, we help businesses significantly lower the cost of developing software products while maintaining control over the product architecture and technology stack, road-map and feature selection, and, most importantly, reducing time to market.

  • ✓ Proof of concept (PoC) and Minimum viable product(MVP)
  • ✓ Implementing an agile methodology
  • ✓ Re-engineering
  • ✓ Delivering your ideas

Desktop application development

We create sophisticated and user-friendly desktop applications tailored to your company needs using the latest technology and tools. So let’s make a successful desktop application together!

  • ✓ Beautifull UI/UX
  • ✓ Cross-platform options
  • ✓ C/ C++
  • ✓ PHP

Mobile application development

Infomaas is also a mobile development company that supports you in creating and expanding popular mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. We are here if you need native, hybrid-web or cross-platform applications.

  • ✓ Android native in Java/Kotlin
  • ✓ iOS native Objective-C/Swift
  • ✓ Cross-platform apps in React Native
  • ✓ Hybrid apps in Ionic/Cordova

Server application development

Do you need assistance with back-end development? Select a one-stop software development partner who will steer you through the process. We assist you in selecting the best business strategies and solutions, build your applications from the ground up, and continuously work to improve, maintain, and develop your solution.

  • ✓ C/ C++
  • ✓  PHP
  • ✓ Node.js