Information technology in a single point

Resolving Information and Technology challenges

Business Consulting

Use our knowledge to improve business processes, strengthen security, optimize cost and modernize IT infrastructure.

Sales and Services

Our sales team has hand-picked IT devices to supply your business with steady operation while the service team handles implementation and integration.

Support you 24/7

Our support teams are always available and ready to help whenever a problem arises by providing remote technical or on-site support.

What do we do?

We provide consultation expertise, development and support to our customers, helping them to achieve their goals and create long-term value. By supporting customer mission and assisting in developing processes and solutions, we will transform your business and allow easier business and information management.

How we do it!

Understanding customer requirements is crucial to project success. That is why we spend time asking questions and more questions after that. After defining What and Why, we easily do Who, How and Where. The customer, together with us, says When, and we make sure that When is delivered on time.

Infomaas solutions

As organizations grow their business, decision-makers face pressure to deliver easy-to-consume services, while maximizing efficiency and security. With Infomaas solution, you can focus on your business while we handle operational devices and equipment. Whether you need help with office user devices, network office setup and configuration, point of sales, or need data center infrastructure and cloud solutions using InfoMaOS product to consolidate IT services, and business apps`s we are here to help.


Consolidate IT services and manage all relevant business information, financial, operations, company communication and IT infrastructure under one roof.


Invest in yourself or in your office by using devices that can enhance and speed up work, and fully equip employee`s workplace.

Office network

Equip office networks, buy devices, increase security, and solve network problems.

Point of sales

Equip point of sales with all that is needed in one place, without design compromise.

Infomaas services

Infomaas provides a wide range of solutions and consulting services, covering IT hardware devices, software development, product engineering, business process management and information security. Our main goal is to help and to improve your business processes, services and products. Our consultants add value by improving quality and simplifying work processes, ensuring better management of resources while strengthening the security, availability and resilience of your ICT system.

Business optimization

Investing in better processes and information architecture brings many strategic and operational advantages to your organization.

Domain name

Ability to register and manage your domain names and domain name records, scaling secure DNS worldwide.


To achieve business objectives, we advise and support companies to buy and implement workplace devices, networks, servers, printing and more..

Information security

Assisting companies in developing and implementing information security systems, enabling ISMS, RISK and BCM standards.

Software Development

Creating software and digital products aligned with the customers’ technical capacity and business requirements fulfilling customers’ goals and expectations.

Web Services

Our team of professionals will manage your company’s online presence, starting with information architecture, design and development upto hosting and management of your sites and webshops.

Driven by information

To manage a business sustainably, you need data as a source. When data is structured, it becomes information, and we are the best at organizing and processing information. As a result, we help our clients make decisions that positively impact expense, technology and employees.

Passion and core values

Infomaas specialists are passionate about solving business problems by providing expertise and solution to our customers while assisting in realizing company goals and creating long-term value.

Continuous support

We are grateful for your trust and we appreciate the knowledge we gain in working with clients. With each solution we delivered, we gained new experience and confidence!

In return, we will continuously support you and your mission.

Need a trusted partner for your business?

We will support, develop, transform and simplify your business.