Information security

Expertise on hand

Increase security and manage risk

Have a systematic approach on information security and risks to manage confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data resources.

Manage processes

Improve process visibility, modeling, optimization, responsibility, scope to improve the outcome of business activities in your company.

Ensure continuity

Maintain continuous business operations during disasters and other business disruptions by having a plan which ensures that staff knows their roles and responsibilities.

In the realm of security, engaging a business consultant offers notable benefits. This includes acquiring an external perspective, diverse knowledge, and expertise derived from experiences with clients from different business domains. Leveraging this understanding, we help to manage and organize resources to improve your security, continuity, risk and safeguard your data.

Business continuity management

Business continuity is not just a term. Half of the global companies have experienced a disruptive event(s) in the last five years. Insurance does not cover the loss of critical data. Don’t let Murphy’s law impact your business. Start now with planning and implementation of:

  • ✓ Business continuity plan
  • ✓ IT service continuity management
  • ✓ Risk management
  • ✓ Risk assessment
  • ✓ Identifying and categorizing your assets
  • ✓ Threat and risk analysis
  • ✓ Risk response and mitigation
  • ✓ Risk control monitoring and reporting
  • ✓ Business impact analysis
  • ✓ Impact scenarios
  • ✓ Crisis management

Information security management

Use our information security guidelines and services to protect your company information and assets from unauthorized access or loss.

  • ✓ Interview staff and heads of departments
  • ✓ Perform vulnerability testing
  • ✓ Research current security standards
  • ✓ Draw up cost estimates
  • ✓ Plan, research, and design security architecture
  • ✓ Provide professional supervision
  • ✓ React and respond immediately to any security-related incidents
  • ✓ Updating and upgrading security systems as needed

Risk management

The principal goal of an organization’s risk management should be to protect the organization and its assets, considering all IT resources and employees.

  • ✓ Identification and categorization of your assets
  • ✓ Risk assessment
  • ✓ Risk response and mitigation
  • ✓ Control, monitoring and reporting