Stop your search and contact us. We have years of experience in storage systems, ranging from DAS, NAS and SAN solutions.


Our support teams are available 24/7, ready to help whenever a problem arises by providing remote technical support or on-site support.


Consolidate complex backup or disaster recovery solutions by implementing SAN replication within site, or between multiple locations.

Protecting a company’s data, like files, databases, and documents, is vital to any business. Storage systems can ensure that your data is stored more securely, with higher reliability. However, the storage system’s cost can vary depending on storage size, configuration, and location (in-house or cloud). Let us help you dimension your storage requirements, guide you through the buying process, and at the end install and configure storage systems.


Infomaas sales experts will guide you through:

  • In-depth assessment of your current storage solution and capabilities to enable you to make the best decision when buying new storage or upgrading the existing one
  • Buy storage: selection and implementation of a storage system (NAS, DAS, SAN) depending on your appliance, using branded partners like DELL, IBM, NetApp
  • Storage location: choosing the right hosting location for storage to meet company requirements


  • Backup:  Consolidate your backup solution, up to one petabyte (1PB) of storage size
  • Replication solution : enables the replication of volumes between servers or clusters, synced or async, depending on one or multiple site locations
    • Full Volume replication (Cloning)
    • Pointer based Virtual replication (Snapshot)
    • Asynchronous Replication
    • Multi-site Replication
By parameterSynchronousAsynchronousMulti-Site 
DistanceDistance limitation up to 200 kmDesigned to connect multiple location, across regionsVaries based on connection type
CostHigh costCost effectiveHigh cost
Recovery Point Objective (RPO)RPO is 0, data is synced in real timeRPO depends on bandwidth capabilities, ranging from minutes to few hoursRPO is 0, data is synced in real time
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)LowLowLow
NetworkHigh and consistent  bandwidth requirementLower bandwidth requirementVaries based on type of connection
Data LossNo data lossData can be lost, depending on replication latencyVaries based on type of connection
PerformanceLowHighVaries based on type of connection
ManagementSpecialized hardwareSupport for heterogeneous systemsSupport for heterogeneous systems
Used casesFor systems that require high availability, and data redundancy in real-time: (banking, cloud providers..)ERP systemsERP systems

Technical support

When you store information, it becomes data and data is stored in various storage types. Therefore, we see storage as one of the most valuable devices for business.

Infomaas’s qualified technicians will help you troubleshoot, repair and upgrade storage.

Our support teams are available 24/7, ready to help whenever a problem arises.

  • Technical remote support
  • On site technical support

Some of the service we do are listed below:

  • Installation and deployment: physical installation, storage volume configuration (RAID 0,1,5,6,10,50,100)
  • Maintenance: our experts can troubleshoot, monitor, upgrade and repair , and plan maintenance for firmware upgrades.
  • Storage network; ethernet and fiber channel network configuration
  • Scaling server storage; adding disk drives, reconfigure volumes and RAID
  • Replication: if you want to replicate data within the site or on a remote location, we will analyze your requirement and provide the optimal solution for data replication
  • Wiping data from disk devices, so you are sure that data is unrecoverable, in order to secure your company and to be compliant with IT audits.