Printing and Imaging

Scan and Share

Allow instant sharing of scanned documents using a sharing method like email or store on a network location to reduce print, and make docs available instantly.

Knowing the cost per print page?

We know how to get data to do calculations, sometimes just from a printer model. By monitoring printing activity it’s simple to identify areas of high-cost.

Consolidate printing

Consolidate your smaller, individual devices into fewer multifunction printers (MFPs) that are more efficient than their smaller counterparts.

Optimizing work habits using modern software and printing devices will reduce printing costs. The data showed that it is possible to achieve 20% savings by changing the working practices of printing and scanning devices.


Print management allows businesses to increase productivity with a predictable monthly printing cost while enabling budget control. Optimum management and digitization of processes also reduce the need for IT technicians and service, save materials, and reduce energy consumption.

Our sales team can guide you to buy optimal printer solution for your needs.

  • In-depth assessment of your current printing solution, so we can check where you can improve and reduce cost.
  • Equip your point of sales location with receipt printer, and replacement parts.
  • Optimize your office with MFC printers to reduce cost, and implement an optimal process to reduce printing with scan and send solutions.
  • Buy label printers for your warehouses and sales points, and save time.
  • Replacement parts for your printer like original ink or toner cartridges.

Technical support

Our support teams are available 24/7 for our customers, ready to help whenever a problem arises.

  • Technical remote support
  • On site technical support

Our printing and scanning support covers the following:

  • Reduce the amount of printing with digital workflows by implementing simple process with our advanced printer server configuration
  • Optimize and configure printers to reduce cost per printed page
  • Increase security with controlled document printing using employee identification, and lock printer management
  • Maintenance
  • Submitting a product for repair 
  • Deliver temporary printer replacement