Network services

Tighten your security

Implement Firewall, IPsec, and RADIUS technologies to remove unwanted third-party access.

Manage complexity

Managing network and architecture layout can be challenging, especially with large network systems. Our consultants will decompose it and allow easier management.

Continuous WiFI coverage

No signal loss regardless of the WiFi area you want to cover using WiFi 6 standard. No disruption while switching between nodes.

Well-thought-out set of blueprints is the first step to good network architecture, regardless of your software and hardware components. Considering security and best practices, the network will function well if you plan and configure it appropriately. In modern times, data size is enlarging, which puts much network load. Upgrading the existing networks to gain more security and performance is the way to go.


Arranging a new or upgrading an existing local network in an office or data center is challenging. For example, connecting systems stretched between two or more data centers requires cloud expertise with deep insight into networks and their configuration. Our sales engineers are here to connect the dots and provide a complete solution for your requirements.

  • Office network; Consisting of personal computers, laptops, printers,…
  • Data center; networking for servers, storages, HCI using managed switches with advanced configuration…
  • Connectivity; Connect multiple distant offices, buildings, data centers or different network types

Infomaas can create a network from scratch or take an existing network and enhance or upgrade any or all network components.

  • Network architecture; full architecture design regardless of network size
  • Enterprise WiFi; distributed WiFi network for buildings, warehouse, facilities..
  • Network devices; cherry pick routers, firewalls and switches from our selection and implement them

Networks have hidden complexity. There are many subsystems and services that need to work to keep connectivity secure and reliable. Use our sales engineers to get a quote for your network services.

  • Network operation service; DHCP, DNS, NTP
  • Routing services; BGP, OSPF, RIP
  • Security; Firewall, IPsec, RADIUS

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPN creates a secure connection with another network point and encrypts all the traffic between those two points. In our increasingly mobile world, employees need a fast, safe, reliable way to connect to their company’s networks and applications from anywhere in the world and from any device.

VPNs can be split up into three categories:

  • Remote access VPNs: Typically consumer-grade VPNs, allowing remote employees to connect securely to company resources
  • Intranet-based site-to-site: Multiple connected LANs that collectively make up a wide area network (WAN); useful for securely pooling resources across a company with more than one office 
  • Extranet-based site-to-site: Commonly used between companies that are partners, allowing them to share specified information externally while still maintaining security and allowing internal networks to be used only by internal workers

VPNs are a core requirement for employees working from home or traveling. With a VPN, you have the power to make sure the VPN protects each user. Additionally, you may want to track your remote users to see “who” is connecting and when they are connecting.

Wireless networks

Our engineers are wireless experts who understand how to design and implement wireless solutions that offer reliability and cost savings. In addition, we conduct site surveys to determine how to structure your wireless environment and then steer you successfully through the installation and configuration process.

We can design the most effective wireless network for your business, whether you’re looking for WiFi coverage for an office, facilities or wider area like a hotel, or a warehouse.

Using the latest wireless technology, designed to enable the broad use of technology for flexible and secure data communications, our users can roam where you allow them, separating guests from employees, over any topology.

Whether you are looking to implement a new wireless solution or optimize your existing infrastructure, it is critically important that any partner you choose has true depth of wireless expertise.

  • Survey; identify optimum installation locations for access points and analyze potential RF interference
  • Select technology; choose WiFI technologies for your needs
  • Office Wifi; connect any wifi device, segment network for guests and employees
  • Enterprise WiFi; managed network solution for buildings, warehouses, hotels…

Structured cabling

Technology is moving at a fast pace. Cabling infrastructure must match your company’s needs. Choosing the best solution for your business in advance saves time and money. Infrastructure performs rather well for an average of ten years, and usually, modest cabling supports up to three generations of active electronic devices.

Every cabling infrastructure is different, depending on new construction build-out, intricate office renovation, or intricate building expansion.

Before selecting your cable type, you’ll need to consider if your company owns or leases the building. You’ll want to determine your primary usage and technology speed requirements if you own them. If you’re renting, you’ll want to determine how long you plan to stay or what’s sufficient for your company’s signature offerings.


Infomaas’s sales engineers will help you select and buy network devices and network peripherals.

  • Switch: small office SOHO 8 port, managed enterprise 24/48 rack mount switches, industrial switches
  • Router:  small business, enterprise rack routers, industrial with 4G /LTE, wireless routers
  • Network rack peripherals: cable management, patch cables with various lengths (CAT5, CAT6, shielded), environmental sensor
  • Network interfaces: Network Interface Cards (1Gb, 10G), network SFP modules, server network cards (half size,10G,25G,100G)
  • Access Points: small business, enterprise-managed WiFi (buildings, hospitals, hotels), indoor/outdoor, POE
Access Points by generationWiFi 4WiFi 5WiFi 6WiFi 6E
Frequency band2.4GHz, 5GHz5GHz2.4GHz, 5GHz4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz

Technical support

Infomaas’s qualified technicians and experts will lead you through the technological maze to a brilliant, scalable, secure networking architecture. We can configure switches and routers and deliver simple or advanced network services, regardless of your network complexity. If you have network engineers in-house we will collaborate with your team to develop your network infrastructure from the ground up, resulting in a blueprint tailored to your company’s requirements.

Our expertise can be summarized by the following:


  • Switch
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Access Points

Upgrade and repair

  • Network devices
  • Replacement
  • SFP modules
  • Firmware


  • Office
  • Facilities
  • Multi-sites
  • Datacenter


  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • NTP


  • BGP
  • OSPF


  • Firewall
  • IPsec